Pandoras Box: Secrets are the shadow of social Strategy and tragedy.
To tell and to listen is not only liberating and healing as tribes knew and as they ritualised at their camp-fire.
It is a joy and satisfaction. It can hurt, it can be a revange or even the only possibility to tear down a mask.
How to break through the hypocitical barrier? How to deprive an ideology of its power? How to inform
about social imprisonment? How to share thoughts and experience? How to confess actions and ideas?
How to alarm? How to announce? How to confront? How to reveal? How to express, if you are the doer,
the victim, the witness, the creator or the consumer?
TITBIT is without attitude. Truth matters! What ever your thruth is, it is true. Even your lies are true and
your bad intentions are your true expression. By the great spirit everything is benedicted if not srewed by
blessed hypocrites.

TITBIT declines any reponsibility
for authorship and contents of your mail or the outcome of your writing or of you reading it.

Warning: Everything you mail can go public. Your publication
is under your sole responsibility whatever. Your informations can
have unintentional consequences. TITBIT and the Internet
can not guarantee anonimity against anybody nor hypocrites.